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  • New Equipment Delivery for Tacrom Services from C.A.T. Construction GmbH

    Tacrom Services has just rolled out a set of new equipment to offer faster and more efficient small acid and frac treatments as well as sand control jobs. Gravel Pack Pumping Unit. (GPPU) This equipment is multifunctional and highly maneuverable, eliminating unnecessary equipment and personnel. Jobs that can be performed by this single unit: 1. Transfer and filter treatment fluids. 2. Mix proppant slurries and treatment fluids. 3. Add up to two liquid chemicals on Read More
  • Futura 3 in Romania

    Mai 2013 Tacrom Drilling S.R.L. confirmed the first spud of Futura 3 in Romania. The refurbished Cardwell Rig with a hook load capacity of 130t was successfully combined with new auxiliary equipment from the associated manufacturing company CATConstruction GmbH in Germany. Future technology upgrades are planned to improve the rig moves as well as a more efficient drilling and workover operation. Read More

    Tacrom second blender purchased from C.A.T Construction was required due the increased request from our customers for gravel-pack jobs. Also the equipment is able to cover fracturing, consolidation and any other job that require mixing slurries. The mixing and pumping capacities are covered by two centrifugal pumps with rates that can vary from 0.3 to 8m3/min, three VARIO pumps for liquid chemicals with very good control, two dry chemical augers and two proppant augers.It has Read More
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Operations Romania

Since 2008, Tacrom Drilling has its main office in Ploiesti, Romania. From there 150 employees are taking care about Business Development, Drilling …

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Operations Kurdistan

Since 2011 C.A.T. GmbH worked on a Business Development in Kurdistan /Region of North Iraq. After acquisition of a contract for Workover/Drilling Services …

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Operations Libya

The Joint Venture Tacrom Drilling Libya signed a contract for drilling Water Wells for the Great Man Made River Project in 2010. After successful Startup …

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Operations Germany

C.A.T. Construction GmbH, the manufacturing plant located in Wesendorf, Germany responsible for oilfield equipment design and production is continuously …

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Romania – Main Office
Bul. Republicii 313A 100072
Ploiesti County of PRAHOVA
Tel: +40 344 403 800
Fax: +40 244 568 037

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Futura I

Telescopic Mast, two sectionnal steel welded box type construction. Bottom section with inside guides to accomodate top telescopic section. Total mast height in drilling position is 21.95 m. Max. static hook load capacity is 75 tons. Max. pull is 75 ton. Max. push is 40 tons. Standpipe rated to 3,000 psi (210 bar). Max. rotary opening is 32 1/2 in. free passage…

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